Charlotte Mason Community

“There are no colleges, associations, classes, lectures for parents, or those of an age to become parents… Every young mother must begin at the beginning to work out for herself the problems of education, with no more than often misleading traditions for her guidance.”
- Charlotte Mason 

Homeschooling for most can be a lonely road and even more so when you start on a pathway towards a CM education, as it is extensive and can require a completely retraining of the brain. But maybe that's just me? 

Community is so vital to the process. Conversations with like-minded individuals can help inspire & give you ideas you may not have had originally, as the bible puts it iron sharpens iron. Online and in person, they can serve as an amazing resource and support system which may be exactly what you're looking for. 

A Few Resources to Help:

If you know of a group or run a group or community specific to Charlotte Mason Homeschooling, not inspired, but authentic to her Philosophies of Education, feel free to comment below or message me with it! 

[I am constantly adding more resources, this entire endeavor is a work in progress. Be patient and check back often! Thanks!]

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