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In the Charlotte Mason Community there are a great many lovely bookstores that I consider Living Book Stores & Publishers because of the obvious reason that they sell living books. Some of them are publishers that have set out to republish out of print books that were used by Charlotte herself, & others are simply printing living books and materials that can supplement a CM education. I hope to gather up all the great book stores and help you all find them with ease. Growing a library in your home of living books and materials is one of those things that Charlotte spoke of emphasizing that "The best is not too good." 

There are also individuals that sell living books as a side hobby, or supplemental income, but those will be listed in another specific page dedicated for small homeschool businesses. 

Listed below are the few that I myself personally have purchased from and would recommend. 

A Few Book Stores to Start:

Side Note: While most of these books can be purchased from as well as their websites, I recommend actually purchasing from the Press themselves as I know there is a steep fee to sell through Amazon and they do generally have reasonable shipping rates etc. Or the price of the books on their site make up for the added shipping charge. 

If you know of a Living Book Store/Publisher, or are a Living Bookstore or Press and I did not list you above, I would love to hear about you and your company and the books you sell. Comment below or shoot me a message. 

[I am constantly adding more resources, this entire endeavor is a work in progress. Be patient and check back often! Thanks!]

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