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Listed below you will find various other of our Favorite Resources we think will help in implementing a Charlotte Mason Education. 

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Charlotte Mason Courses: For Teacher Education

  1. 26 Reading Questions Answered, free
  2. Charlotte Mason's 20 Principals, $15
  3. Mathematics: A Mountain Perspective, $15
  4. A Vision for Children: How Living Books Influence Moral Development, $15
  5. Lesson Planning in a Living Education, $15
  6. Keep Time: "History" Things, $15
  7. Science: A Vast and Joyous Realm, $15
  8. Charlotte Mason History for the 21st Century, $15
  9. Nature Study: Special Studies & Object lessons, $15

  • Charlotte Mason Soiree: Educator Resources, Price Varies
  1. A Proper Introduction 101, free
  2. A Walk Through the Early Years, free
  3. The Heart and Mind Behind the Name, free
  4. Society Leadership Training, free 
  5. Study Guides, $ varies

  • Afterthoughts Blog:Courses, $ Unknown
  1. Charlotte Mason Boot CampJoin the 2019 Interest List
  2. Start Here: A Journey Through Charlotte Mason's 20 Principals, $8.99

  • Ambleside Schools International, Free
  1. Subscribe & Enjoy!

  • Simply Charlotte Mason, Free 
  1. YouTube Tutorials

  1. Season 1, January 14th, 2019, $115
  2. Season 4, January 14th, 2019, $115

  • Charlotte Mason Poetry, free
  1. How to Learn the Charlotte Mason Method, An Article & Podcast

There are also some great Teacher Education Resources on our Podcast Page

If you know of, create, or contribute to any resources specific Charlotte Mason Homeschooling feel free to comment below or message me with it! 

[I am constantly adding more resources, this entire endeavor is a work in progress. Be patient and check back often! Thanks!]

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