A Formidable List of Attainments: For A Child of Six Series

It occurred to me as I read through this list recently that perhaps I should start focusing on each one as I go down the list and get a really good idea for what each line is asking us for. Some are much more common sense than others, so I thought I'd start gathering some resources for each attainment as I go through them. Feel free to join along with me and by all means if you have some suggestions comment below!

A Formidable List of Attainments: For a Child of Six 

  1. To recite, beautifully, 6 easy poems & hymns.
  2. To recite, perfectly & beautifully, a parable & a psalm. 
  3. To add and subtract numbers up to 10, with dominoes or counters. 
  4. To read -- what and how much, will depend on what we are told of the child. 
  5. To copy in print-hand from a book. 
  6. To know the points of the compass with relation to their own home, where the sun rises & sets, and the way the wind blows. 
  7. To describe the boundaries of their own home. 
  8. To describe any lake, river, pond, island, etc. within easy reach. 
  9. To tell quite accurately (however shortly) 3 stories from Bible History, 3 from Early American History (or whatever country you're from), & 3 from Roman History. 
  10. To be able to describe 3 walks & 3 views. 
  11. To mount in a scrapbook a dozen common wildflowers, with leaves (1 every week); to name these, describe them in their own words, and say where they found them. 
  12. To do the same with leaves and flowers of 6 forest trees. 
  13. To know 6 birds by song, colour & shape. 
  14. To send in certain Kindergarten or other handiwork, as directed. 
  15. To tell 3 stories about their own "pets" -- rabbit, dog, or cat. 
  16. To name 2 common objects in French and say a dozen little sentences. 
  17. To sing 1 hymn, 1 French song, and 1 English song. 
  18. To keep a caterpillar and tell the life-story of a butterfly from his own observations. 

As I go through this list I will link back to this and consider this a Series of posts.

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