Charlotte Mason 6 Volume Series

It goes without saying that if you desire to implement a Charlotte Mason Education into your school life and even everyday life you should at some point read her actual volumes. They are rich, meaty & because they were written during the Victorian age there is a certain style that might be difficult for many to get through easily. But it's still a task worthy of your time and attention. 

Charlotte Masons Books in Print

There are versions available (I'll link below) where they were made into a Modern English Paraphrase to help alleviate some of the difficulty you might have reading her works & understanding the meaning. 

Below are some of the places you can read them online, purchase them in print, or simply download a PDF (free & $$ options). 

A Few Resources to Help: 

Charlotte Mason's Books: 

Charlotte Mason Book Study Groups:

If you know of, create, or contribute to any resources specific Charlotte Mason Homeschooling feel free to comment below or message me with it! 

[I am constantly adding more resources, this entire endeavor is a work in progress. Be patient and check back often! Thanks!]

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