"Education demands more than mere reading. You read an article and forget it; you study a subject, and either reject, or make your own, a life possession, the thought of the author, with its practical bearings." 

"Will the mothers who are doing this course make it their duty to pass on the knowledge they get, as they get it, to mothers of the artisan class, whether in the way of asking a few mothers to tea and chat, or in talk with a single mother in the course of cottage visits, or in mothers’ meetings; anyway will they make “pass on” their watchword."
- Charlotte Mason

These are the tried and true podcasts that I actually listen to & a few that fellow homeschoolers recommended to me. I have appreciated the insight they've provided for implementing a true in spirit education using Charlotte Mason's Philosophies.

These podcasts have also provided me with the Teacher Education that this mama really needed to jump start her CM knowledge. Also, added bonus, they're an insight into those conversations I crave about subjects that truly interest my mind. They're great to listen to as I clean the house & any commutes in the car. Tuck them into your day and enjoy the education.

If you have a podcast you'd like to submit to us that focuses on a Charlotte Mason Philosophy Education please feel free to email it to us, or comment below so we can share it with others!