Living Books: Why?

"For the children? They must grow up upon the best . . . There is never a time
when they are unequal to worthy thoughts, well put; inspiring tales, well
told. Let Blake's 'Songs of Innocence' represent their standard in poetry
 DeFoe and Stevenson, in prose; and we shall train a race of readers who will
demand literature--that is, the fit and beautiful expression of inspiring ideas
 and pictures of life." 

“One more thing is of vital importance; children must have books, living books; the best are not too good for them; anything less than the best is not good enough; and if it is needful to exercise economy, let go everything that belongs to soft and luxurious living before letting go the duty of supplying the books, and the frequent changes of books, which are necessary for the constant stimulation of the child's intellectual life.” 
― Charlotte Mason

A true Living Book is a book that contains good quality writing with an idea that will live within you. Even after reading it years later you will recall what the story was and how it affected you as a person. It is retained & becomes perhaps even a dear story that you love to read and reread over again. I propose that it is life giving in the way Charlotte talks about giving the child an idea, living books will impart these to your child's mind. But they aren't just for children. One of the best parts of Homeschooling my children is that I have been given an opportunity to uncover these ideas for myself as well by reading the living books with my children. It is well worth your effort and perhaps one of the most important tools you will use in education.  

“Give your child a single valuable idea, and you have done more for his education than if you had laid upon his mind the burden of bushels of information.”

A Few Resources to Help:

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