The Early Years: Teatime


Tea-time is a tool. It is one way in which certain necessary subjects can be incorporated into the life of a homeschooling family, but it is certainly is not the only way. The ritual of tea-time can be a restful anchor in the midst of a chaotic day, but it is not the only anchor.  - Afterthoughts Blog

And to solidify the point, Charlotte Mason herself included a DAILY “nature walk or ride” in her own schedule from 2:15 – 4:00. (Essex Cholmondley, The Story of Charlotte Mason)
The hour before tea-time (3:45-4:45) was allotted for handicrafts (which often included housework,) singing, painting, picture study, practicing (music lessons maybe,) dancing, sewing and a certain amount of reading. Form V and VI (11-12 grade) students may have done another hour of some kind of schoolwork during this time or later in the evening. - Sabbath Mood Homeschooling

A Tradition 

Do you love traditions? I see Teatime as a way for us to start a lovely tradition into our homeschool days, accompanied by Art & Poetry, you could truly begin to appreciate it as apart of Charlotte Mason culture. You can go all out with finger foods & petite treats, or you could just have a cup of sweet tea & a cheese stick. What you eat isn't all that important, although it would be fun to have a little flare added to it every once in a while. 

It isn't a necessity by any means, but was apart of Charlotte Mason's school days. You could definitely argue though that it was because it is a fundamental part of an English day as apart of their countries culture. 

If you'd like to start it in your homeschool day there are some resources below & feel free to share any you have that you love or even your point of view! 

Some Resources to Help:

Here's a small sample of CM Teatime inspirational feed: #CMHomeschool #CMTeatime

Start posting your Teatime photos #CMTeatime !

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