Charlotte Mason in the Early Years

"A child should enter the PUS at 6 ready for the serious work of 'lessons'. His Early Years should have prepared him as regards the discipline of Habit and the joy of life Out of Doors; he should also have learned that knowledge is desirable and he should understand something of what it means to say, 'Our Father'. 

Home discipline is attained in the formation of Habits. There should be no so-called 'lessons' in the playroom. 'Occupations' is the right word, and for these no time-table should be set and there should be a sense of much freedom both in the manner and matter of 'What shall we do next?'" 

Children Up to School Age and Beyond by Elsie Kitching

At first when I read this passage I did not really know what she was referring to with Our Father, but after asking some other Charlotte Mason Mama's who know much more than I do the consensus was that she's speaking of having gained a real knowledge of God as Our Father. Not just knowing of God, but having experienced a relationship with him. This is one of the foundations of her philosophies, to point the child to God & the Holy Spirit as the true source of knowledge. 

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The Early Years Can/Should Include: 

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