Mission Statement

While this is perhaps one of the most important thoughts on this entire page, it has also been one that has needed time and consideration from me to even start writing out. No doubt this Mission Statement will be added onto as my vision expands and becomes clearer, but for now consider this a small piece of my heart & a portion of the vision I have in mind for this resource page. 

A Launching Pad

It is my vision to create a resource for the entire Charlotte Mason community that will help guide parents & educators into a Charlotte Mason Education authentic to her philosophy. I know better than anyone how overwhelming it can be to pursue it without much foundation of knowledge on the subject. 

My intent is to create a haven where we can help launch you into your homeschooling journey with perhaps little to no knowledge of Charlotte Mason & her philosophies of Education as it pertains to actual implementation. What does it look like? How can it work for me? What tools do I need? Etc. Not to replace real knowledge, but to find a comfortable starting point for you to jump off into the pool of wisdom that's offered in her writings. 

Easy Organized Access

The resources are extensive and sometimes unorganized & hard to find. I consider it a calling to uncover all of the resources like a miner chipping away for gold. 

Together with that idea in mind I also have a goal to portray these ideas in a manner in which will give you ease of access & organized to where you can find exactly what you are needing quickly. Most of us are short on time to begin with and digging for all the information you know and also don't know you need could easily become a full time job.

Support for Homeschool Small Business

As a homeschooler who runs a small business I know first hand how difficult it can be to promote your business in a welcoming environment where you can get your product into the hands of those who need it most. As a homeschooler who wants to support other homeschoolers with their small businesses I have noticed that the problem can also be compounded by well meaning Facebook groups trying not to bog down the feed with self promotion. I hope to alleviate some of those roadblocks and pave a way for Homeschool Small Business to be supported in the Charlotte Mason Community. We need what they're creating & they need our support. 


I hope I can help bring together community. Not just for education, but for the purpose of connecting homeschooling small business owners that supplement a Charlotte Mason Education with their products with homeschool families looking for those products. It's hard to build a small business made more difficult with groups rules of no self promotion. While I understand these rules I also think there should be a place where we can connect buyers wanting to find these sellers and sellers needing to get their product in the hands of those needing them. Enter the Ambleside Wonderland Community Group on Facebook. (Coming Soon) This would just be one side of that group. 

The community would also be for any and all questions surrounding the how, why, what, & where questions we all have. 

Ambleside Wonderland is a Place for Gathering Ideas, plain and simple. 

God Bless, Julie