Wild Child Zoology Collaboration - Free Monthly Binder Dividers

If you've been following along my journey here, you've noticed that I have started planning our Year 2 school year in a grand attempt to be more organized and plan for success in our home education lifestyle.

What I really desire in my home is that Charlotte Mason and her philosophies wouldn't just impact our school, but that education would become our lifestyle. And so I feel like in the beginning stages I will have to be heavy hitting on the organized planning for a while until it becomes a habit of just doing things in the way I feel is most beneficial. And authentic. Let's not forget authentic.

I've attempted home education the way I thought school "should look" and it was never a real success. I won't say my children didn't learn that way, because kids brains are like sponges so they can learn in pretty much any environment. But it was not conducive to the lifestyle I was wanting to present for my kids.

So, back to planning; while reformatting the Nature Study curriculum we use I decided I'd really like to incorporate Monthly Dividers into my binders. Yes, Binder(s). To create my own Charlotte Mason for Dummies I'm going to have 1 binder for each Term. This I feel like will create those bite size chunks that I can chew and swallow and allow our days to then flow smoothly. Instead of feeling like there's a kink in the chain somewhere.

And while I was designing them I had an epiphany! Why don't I use the animal fact printables I have been creating for months for our Nature Study project Wild Child Zoology? I added a few and loved the look and thought to myself, why not have a few fun facts follow us each month? So, without further ado, please feel free to use* and share with anyone you think might like them! (*Personal use only). Be advised I got carried away and designed more than 12 months -- so, you can choose between a few months for added individuality! Ha! >> Download them all Here <<

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