With Purpose & Resolution, Against Obstacles

I was searching for a particular passage and I couldn't recall where I'd read it and instead stumbled across these passages from a page in Ourselves. And it truly spoke to me in my current state of mind and situation.
This was by far my most favorite conversation on the A Delectable Education Podcast, I'm sure I've mentioned it more than one time, but the matters of the heart are such an important topic in parenting & life in general. And how they affect how we learn is, I'm realizing, extensive. The relationship between myself and my children will decide how they relate to the rest of the world. And I have to wonder at the influence I am portraying for them daily? Is it wholesome or unwholesome? And am I helping them to build a solid resolution in life with good uplifting thought?

All of us have a choice to be the good influence, whatever we believe our purpose is in life it is first to be this. In conversation and also in action.

And also, who am I allowing to influence my resolutions? And how will I continue in the face of obstacles? I am so thankful to have found this little piece of wisdom again.

"It is as we seize upon such thought with intention, act upon it with purpose, struggle, with resolution, against obstacles, that we attain to character and usefulness in the world."

God Bless


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