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Anyone that knows anything about me knows that I love to occasionally design things to inspire us in our school day, but recently we've been going through the baby name lists trying to find the perfect name for baby #5 and the thought came to me about those name description posters you sometimes see hanging in a child's room. 

One huge aspect about naming a child for me is deciding the blessing you want to bestow this new life with the character you feel God has already given them. A name is a way to bestow that blessing and each name we've chosen has been meaningful to us for the same exact reason, it isn't just the feel of the name, but the meaning behind it and the personality. 

But the thing about those name descriptions is they're mostly totally made up and when the child starts to grow doesn't exactly impart any real knowledge about them. You could make them more personal to fit each child's personality, but I chose to go in a different direction and design theirs with a scripture that tied into their name meaning. I want to speak life and purpose into my children's lives and I really love what I came up with. 

Obviously your children are not named the same thing as mine are, I don't think, but the scriptures still ring beautifully true and you can use them hung up or in a school book, or even as a binder cover just to add another blessing to your daily life with these living words. 

Free to download and share >>Here<<. Enjoy! 

God Bless,

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