Poet Study - Walter de la Mare

I've been in the full on throws of planning for our next school year and new for this year I decided I'd add in a short bio of each poet we'll be studying each Term. I am planning on using Ambleside Online, so the next few poet studies I do will be to go along with what's scheduled for 2019-2020 school year using that.

I've also decided to add in some living biographies for each Term for our poets as well. For Walter de la Mare I actually came up with not a single biography suited for children to read a long, which is disappointing to say the least. But we'll just enjoy his poetry and the short biography I've made up and try to be happy enough with that. ha!

I will list some great series that are on poets you might want to check out down below...

To download the file simply click on the photo above. 

This study is free for personal use - feel free to share my link with others as well! Happy Planning!

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