Artist Biographies & Art Prints

A beautiful part of Charlotte Mason education includes studying artists and their art. Every year I am enthralled with the different styles and colors represented in their works. I find the Charlotte Mason Education I'm using for my children is reigniting my love for learning as the same time.

This upcoming school year we'll be continuing with using Ambleside Online and therefore we'll be using a new artist for each term. Last year I was fortunate enough to design a biography for the composers, but this year I decided to add a small biography of the Artists with the Art Print portfolio design. I'm so excited to use this in the upcoming year.

I have an 11 year old and a soon to be 8 year old daughter that are schooling together. To make things easier on the transition into full CM mode we all started in Year 1, with exception to a few subjects like Math, Phonics, & Handwriting. There are a few elements to a CM education we have not started implementing because I'm still learning about them and don't feel very up to the challenge. But so far we absolutely love having combined History, Geography, Bible, Poetry, & Literature. And we hope to continue, but add a few more bites of the feast in, into Year 2.

As I'm designing and planning my upcoming school year you'll notice I've shared quite a few files from my binder redesign. I'll continue to do so as I finish them. These are free to use and share!

Just click on the image below to download the PDF files. <3

God Bless,

PS. I would not recommend looking up any additional art by Gustave Courbet as some of his work is definitely not for children's eyes.

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