Composer Study - Mozart, Paganini, Schumann, & Wagner

The time has come to organize a new school year! The first place I normally go is planning out my school year with the new years studies for composer, artist, & music. And since I do Ambleside Online this includes a new composer study for each term. 

This year we're going to be studying Mozart, Paganini, & Schumann. But for good measure I've also started on next years and have Wagner completed as well.  

You are more than welcome to share in the fruits of my labor, I hope that everything I make here helps another family out that finds they need much more organization and even a sense of style. Pretty things are something that my brain needs to keep the monotonous engaging, are you that way?

I hope to start compiling a book list to go with each of the Composers we will study this upcoming year and when I do I will certainly share those with you as well as apart of my study files.

To download these free files just click on their photos below. They're free to use and free to share!

God Bless,

PS. The information obtained for these biographies was a bit taken from several sources, Wikipedia is one. I greatly scaled down the information hoping to catch just the main important parts. I most definitely recommend using books more suited for children to add on to this for a fun read. We will be using the Opal Wheeler books written about composers.

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