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This is one of the things I've grown so passionate about as I started my homeschooling journey six years ago, finding community that was accepting. Finding a community that was giving. Finding community that felt free exchange of information for the good of helping everyone out was an important factor.

If I have something that can help you out I'm more than willing to give it to you, that's how I was raised. I begrudge no one a smooth homeschooling day, a homeschool journey that is full of joy and grace and fulfills their needs. This is sometimes a tedious journey, made worse by a drought of community, specifically community unwilling or unable to be there in the way you need them to be.

All of us learn in a different way. Some thrive on online forums, Facebook group chats, & reading books. Others need more hands on community by way of in person friendships made in co-ops or homeschool groups local to them. Then there are visual learners that need things like Instagram & YouTube, etc. But however which way you learn there is no real substitute for real world experience, like having real conversations with people who have been in the trenches and have either come out the other end, or are starting to see progress. There's no more exciting place to be then there and willing to tell others your recipe. Obviously most people will still need to find their own pathway, but it's those conversations and recommendations that make all the difference.

I'm here trudging through those pathways looking for the resources and I have been met with a brick wall in more than one instance. There seems to be almost a secret society when it comes to Charlotte Mason.  I find unnecessary roadblocks when all anyone is trying to achieve is the same thing, an authentic Charlotte Mason Education. And if you have to go through 15 different specific Charlotte Mason groups asking the same question only slightly altered to fit their rules, you end up wasting a lot of time.

The greatest thing we have to offer anyone walking that lonely road is our advice, our time, & the free resources that we used and felt helped us in some way. And that's what I'm trying to give back. One resource at a time. But I may have to be much more creative about finding them, or it will take me that much longer. But I'm dedicated to the cause as I feel like this creating an open conversation and an open community where Charlotte Mason's beautiful words and spirit are put to good use is of utmost importance. She knew that conversation was important which is why she created the PNEU. I read a great Facebook post by Charlotte Mason Poetry, on the subject of loneliness in the homeschool journey, it read,
"Charlotte Mason PoetryJanuary 14 at 6:05 AM
Back in 1888, Charlotte Mason saw that parents felt alone. She said, “There are no colleges, associations, classes, lectures for parents, or those of an age to become parents… Every young mother must begin at the beginning to work out for herself the problems of education, with no more than often misleading traditions for her guidance.” Mason set out to solve that problem, and the PNEU was born.
When I started homeschooling, I felt alone too. There was no PNEU for me to join. But my love for Charlotte Mason has brought me in touch with more like-minded mothers than I ever thought possible. I got involved here at Charlotte Mason Poetry by first joining the transcription team. We now have more than 90 parents from around the world working together to bring the treasures of the PNEU to homeschoolers today."

Community is needed because without it we flounder. We go off trying to find what we need sometimes not even knowing what that is. Where are we to find our guidance when it comes to education? A friend, maybe a friend we don't even know yet. Without even a need for any personal information you can with great confidence give them advice that worked for you. A book you enjoyed, a curriculum that you found helpful, a YouTube video that gave you the piece needed to finish the puzzle.

If you haven't found a community yet, I hope you can find one here.

Join the Ambleside Wonderland Community, it's up and running now... we're just looking for more like-minded individuals in the thick of it wanting to have those lovely conversations where minds meet and ideas gather. 

God Bless You! 


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