Little Forager Magnifying Glass - Nature Study Supply

I thought I would come on and take a moment to add one of my latest favorite Nature Study supplies! 

I have had my eye on these wooden larger handheld magnifying glasses for a while, biding my time for the right price. *Kikkerland Huckleberry was on the top of the list for a while, but then I started to think about best versatility for my littles as well as my older two children. I also considered the ease of holding it and the possibility of me being able to wood burn a design or name onto it for personalizing it for my kids. 

I also considered the Hape brand for it's obviously sturdy and came with a few other accessories - and the price was better. *The Hape Nature Detective Set 

But eventually I found the one I was looking for at a lovely site called Fawn and Forest It's called The Little Forager Magnifying Glass $12.00 and with the code DAFFODIL you can receive 10% off. 

I purchased this for my 4 children and took the time to wood burn designs into all of them to match each of my children's personalities, along with their initials. They absolutely love them, they spent the day "investigating" everything. I enjoyed watching them explore. 

If you want to see what I did with them head on over to Instagram @AmblesideWonderland

Happy Nature Exploring! 

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