Nature Study, English to French: Parts of a Plant

I was going through some resources for how to learn a foreign language in the Early Years and decided to try out a short nature study lesson on The Parts of a Tree in English and French for my children. My children are not considered early years so this version fits. Charlotte recommends for the Early Years that children should not see French words written out, but instead only learn the pronunciation for each object. For more information on Charlotte Mason Foreign Language in the Early Years <<.

Click on the individual word to find a pronunciation:

Bark : Écorce
Branch : Branche
Bud : Burgeon
Bush : Buisson
Creeper : Liane
Flower : Fleur
Fruit : Fruit
Grass: Herbe
Leaf : Feuille
Leaves: Feuilles
Root : Racine
Stem : Tige
Stump : Tronc
Thorn : Épine
Twig : Brindille

So, without further ado, here is a Nature Journal Study for English & French, Parts of a Plant!

Feel free to share this link with friends, for personal use only. 

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