A Few Of My Hopes

My entire dream for this adventure starts with the hope that we could come together as a community to help each other with our opinions, experiences, & inspiration.

Some of the things I hope to put on this as a resource would be:

  • Curriculum Reviews - A tag; It could be a YouTube video, a blog post, or even a post here submitted by a fellow homeschooler
  • Favorite Products - A tag; Again, this particular resource could come in many different shapes and sizes. Preferably it would contain some sort of visual to help in aiding a decision if it would be useful to you as well. Or a good warning of a quality concern, etc. 
  • Favorite Resources - A tag; This could be any number of things that you use in everyday life while in pursuit of attaining that minimalistic sort of Charlotte Mason inspired lifestyle all the way to a true in spirit Charlotte Mason Education in your schooling. All Subjects & Interests. 
  • Guest Post - A tag; I would so love to eventually feature articles written by fellow homeschoolers on their journeys in their Charlotte Mason Education experience. 
  • Printables - A tag; Any and all, free & purchasable, printables that will aid in implementation of a Charlotte Mason Education. 

A tag* ie. I would tag any post related to any of these categories for ease of location on this website. 

It is my hope and aspiration that as time progresses and we start to grow these things will become available from more than just little ol' me. I am but one voice in an ocean. So, that being said, if you feel like you have anything in these categories, or others, that you would like to share please contact me. 

Have a Blessed Day!


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