Composer Study - Supplemental Printables

Well folks, 2018 is almost over. And as hard as that is to wrap my mind around, it's clear that now is the time I should be preparing myself for the next school year. I've never started early enough in my planning and never sat down to do a full years worth of planning, which is why I suspect we have a lot of trouble staying on course.

So, with that in mind I've started on my supplemental printables for Ambleside Online to accompany our studies in Y2. You are more than welcome to share in the fruits of my labor, I hope that everything I make here helps another family out that finds they need much more organization and even a sense of style. Pretty things are something that my brain needs to keep the monotonous engaging, are you that way?

From time to time I will post more of these as I go along, since I do enjoy the design aspect and I love to know that I will hopefully be ahead of the game in planning our homeschool journey.

I will be also be using Opal Wheeler's Composer Biographies to supplement this short wikibio as well. You can find more information about her books here.

There are 4 current Biographies available -- Mozart, Schumann, Paganini, and Wagner. To see those printables and much more visit or click on this link HERE. And don't forget to let me know if you end up liking it so much you use it in your school. 


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