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I believe what I'm trying to achieve in building this resource and community for home-school families striving to implement Charlotte Mason in their lives is a worthwhile endeavor. Probably much more so than some of the other hobbies I have. But my knowledge is limited and my time is constrained (homeschooling 4 of my own babes!), therefore if you happen upon this page/community and feel a calling on your heart & life towards this same purpose consider this, I am looking for help to grow this into it's full potential.  Feel free to message me with advice, thoughts, ideas, etc.

What I'm working on: 

  • Mission Statement
  • Group Rules & Appointing Admins (besides myself, hopefully lol)
  • Gathering of the Ideas & Resources to start listing 
  • Website Building (considering the best way to present the resources, for ease of use, and aesthetics that please the eyes!) 

If you feel qualified in Charlotte Mason Philosophy, Have read her books, Currently Homeschool your family using her philosophy, Write for a blog (or contribute to one) that has to do with Charlotte Mason Philosophy Education, Have a YouTube Channel where you present your schooling using her methods etc (inspiration), Or create resources even for personal use that you'd love to share with others (for free), PLEASE contact me because I would love very much to add you to our resources here on the blog and in our Facebook Group.

This is not going to come together in one day, one week, one month, but I am confident that God will bless it and keep us moving forward to fruition with all it's wonderful potential.

The community needs this, I'm passionate about that as someone who has been personally struggling to find all these resources myself to help me implement it in my own home with my own children.
We have better and more important things to do (the actual education of our children) without wasting hours trying to find what we need, at a price we can afford (hopefully free, haha), that aligns well within the heart and soul of her philosophy that we truly believe is the right way to do it.

I'm looking for a few good minds to share their ideas with me. And if you spare just a moment to even tell me this is something you're looking for, it will help spur me forward.
God Bless you today! 

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