Calling All Input!

I would LOVE your input! I recently added a few things to the site,

  1. I added a Tab in the Menu labeled "Subject by Grade", which allows me to add a page for each grade to help organize the information and give it a landing so to speak, to anchor it. I also added  "Subject by Grade" in the Resource Tags menu label, which enables me to tag any post which contains information for those specific grades for easy access later on down the road. 
  2. In the "Subject by Grade" tab I added The Early Years (Ages 1-5) and input quite a bit of data into individual pages for each subject or occupation you can/should use in an education for The Early Years. Each page has a few quotes specific to each one & a list of resources according to the subject.  >> The Early Years << (Click here to view the NEW Area & Resources)
  3. In the "Resources: Curriculum" Tab, I added "Public Domain Books" for each subject and I hope to start adding those in as I find them. I've been searching & hoarding links to all my favorite ones to add.  >> Public Domain Books << (Links to be added at a later date, Coming soon!)

I would love to hear any thoughts you have about the changes & growth of this website. And, of course, if you have any other resources you think should be added feel free to drop me a line or comment below! 

Thanks & God Bless, 


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